Thursday, December 1, 2016

Worldwide Day of Service

It was a long day.  December 1 was a worldwide day of service for LIGHTtheWORLD.  The theme for the day was "Jesus lifted others' burdens and so can you."  We got up early and headed over to the stake center where breakfast was provided.  I put up a YouTube video about it.
Our Stake Presidency decided to lift the burden of making breakfast for people in the stake.  Quite a few people in the stake auxiliaries helped out.  Thanks to all.
For those that were in a hurry and not able to come in, they had a drive-thru where they said how many meals they needed and someone would run them out to them.  It was very well organized.
They had tables set up to sit at and socialize, plenty of food, and they had a TV set up with Bible videos playing.  It was really nice. 
And they had red apples to eat, which was good because December 1 is Eat a Red Apple Day.
After breakfast, we went home to start our Countdown to Christmas scripture study before school.
After school, we took Nichole to dance class.  While she was there, we went to Salem Pond where they have their Pond Town Christmas with Christmas trees made of lights floating on the water and other lights and decorations around.  Lucky and I had a nice walk on the trail and on the bridge.
We went once years ago when Jeremy was still in college and drove around the pond because Jeremy had heard about it in one of his classes.  That's before we really started visiting the pond as birders so we didn't know much about it at the time.  I do remember it was snowing and cold that day and there was a big pond with Christmas trees in the water.
It was nice this evening even though it was cold.  But it's December so that's to be expected.
After we picked Nichole up, we went to visit friends.  Every year they make ornaments to sell to earn money to buy gifts for less fortunate children.  This year they're planning to get gifts for refugee children.  We went to buy ornaments from them again tonight and they invited us into their home and gave us hot chocolate.  We brought them Pokemon balloon animals.  It was great to help each other LIGHTtheWORLD.

There are so many ways of serving both big and small.  Lucky cleaned up some milk that someone had spilled at breakfast this morning.  Jr. Jr. comforted a child who got hurt at school.  Jr. cleaned off the table so we could do scripture study this morning.  The children sang Primary songs as we were driving home tonight. 
I feel so blessed on this first day of December.  I'm looking forward to more of these days.

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  1. On the way back from visiting our friends, we drove around Salem Pond again so that everyone could see the lights.