Sunday, December 18, 2016

Goodbye, Children

"Jesus honored the Sabbath and so can you."  We taught our last time to our current Primary class this morning.  We love those kids.  They are each so awesome in their individual ways.  We talked about Jesus being the greatest gift we've ever been given and He is a gift for all of us.  We gave each child their own gift of a sticker of Jesus and one of the ornaments we got from our friends who were raising money for gifts (and other supplies) for refugee children.
We found out, by the way, that our friends passed their goal of $300 and raised $500 and when they went to buy the gifts, Santa came out to thank them and gave each of the little boys in their family their favorite candy bar.  Way to LIGHTtheWORLD, friends.

Nichole and I also had our last choir practice before Christmas.  We brought brownies to the choir members.
While we were at choir a friend let us bring the little boys over to stay with them while Nichole and I were practicing.  Jeremy and Jr. went home teaching then Jeremy needed to take a nap when they got home.  Thank you, friends.  You LIGHTtheWORLD with your kindness.

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  1. Thanks also to my friend who gave me a hug and let me cry on her shoulder when I was having an emotional moment. And for the other hugs I got that day. And for the comforting pat and the whispered reminder that we all have hard days from time to time.