Monday, December 12, 2016

Family Home Evening

Yesterday we had a special stake conference at church.  Bishop Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric came and spoke to us.  It was a wonderful meeting.  Nichole and I got to sing in the choir for it.
Bishop Waddell talked about ways we can choose to follow Jesus.  We can choose Him by making our homes a place where we can feel the Spirit, by reading the Book of Mormon in our homes, by teaching in our homes first so that the things we learn in church will support it and not replace it, and by parents being committed to one another and to God.  We can also choose Him by following His leaders.
Bishop Waddell ran out of time so he encouraged us in our own Family Home Evenings to discuss more of how we choose Jesus.
Today's theme for LIGHTtheWORLD is "Jesus taught others and so can you."  I was assigned to give our lesson in Family Home Evening and since very important service is done in the home I wanted to talk about something very meaningful for Family Home Evening.  When Bishop Waddell suggested continuing on with what we learned in our special stake conference for Family Home Evening, it definitely felt right.  So that's what we did.
The kids did a good job joining in the discussion and suggesting we can love others and help others and be nice.  We also discussed personal and family prayer, teaching others, encouraging people, and answering people's questions about the Gospel.  Of course, another important way to follow Jesus is by keeping the commandments.
We have really good kids and I'm so grateful for how much service they have been doing lately.  I've been pointing it out to them when I notice them being kind or using good manners.  That is service.  I can't write down all the ways we've been trying to follow Jesus through service lately- with sometimes big things and sometimes little things.  It has been wonderful, though.
For Family Home Evening treat we had cake and sherbet.  December 12 is Frank Sinatra's birthday, after all.  Later while making juggling balls for Nichole's science fair project (she had such a great time with it last year, she decided to do it again this year), I watched Guys and Dolls.  Frank Sinatra!
I love my family and am so grateful to serve alongside them this month as we LIGHTtheWORLD.

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