Friday, December 2, 2016

Ward Christmas Party 2016

Another long day.
After staying up so late again last night, we got the kids up early for scripture study.  They did well with sitting at the table for scripture study, especially when there were Mint M&Ms to be had.
I put together my YouTube video of visiting our friends to get the ornaments.  We did some shopping and library visiting.
LIGHTtheWORLD for December 2 is, "Jesus honored his parents and so can you."  I worked ahead of time on this one.  I wrote a letter to my parents and mailed it a few days ago with instructions on the outside to "Open on December 2."  I'm hoping my parents got it by today.  Did you get it in time, parents?

We told our children that they could do this one by being well behaved at our ward Christmas party this evening.  They actually had it set up so the kids could eat a sack dinner in the back while watching a movie and then do other activities.  The adults could eat different food and socialize in the front.  The theme was a Country Christmas and we were encouraged to dress up.
Nichole said her dragon ate her costume.
It was a fun activity.  Santa made an appearance toward the end, reading to the children and singing a Christmas song with them, and several of our kids sat on his lap and talked with him.

Jeremy and Santa even compared beards.
I, of course, talked with friends a lot after it was over so we got home kind of late.  Sigh.  At least the kids can sleep in tomorrow morning.

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