Sunday, December 4, 2016

Handling It

At church today I mentioned that LIGHTtheWORLD was making a difference to me.  I still have stresses but I feel I've been handling them better lately.
Of course that means that this evening there was extra stress.  One of our children decided to be difficult.  He's been acting pretty well lately but we all have those not so good times, don't we?  It was a long rough evening but I was determined to act more like Jesus, to not give in to the natural man and lose my temper.  There still had to be consequences but there was also love shown.
December 4- "Jesus worshipped His Father and so can you."
Church was wonderful.  We taught our Primary class about being kind to animals then gave them birdseed they could spread around with their parents' permission.  We told them that service doesn't always mean for people, it can also mean for animals.  Heavenly Father and Jesus love animals, too.
December 4 is National Cookie Day so I made snickerdoodles for our ward choir.  Our home teachers came and also brought us cookies.

This evening we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional as a family (with no one missing church again today).  It was a good reminder that Jesus came to Earth as part of Heavenly Father's plan.  He did what He did because of His love for us and because of His love for His Father.  We can do that, too- not exactly what He did obviously, but we can choose to do things because of our love for our Heavenly Father.  Those are just some thoughts I had and wanted to share.  Thanks.

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