Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Goes Out With a Bang

2016 goes out with a bang... literally.  Last night while we were making pizza, our oven and stove stopped working.  It kept tripping the circuit.  Finally, it stopped working all together.  Every time I switched the circuit in the circuit box it would trip it.  So we got creative and finished making our pizza in quarters in the toaster oven.  It worked.  We also discussed how we would adjust our traditional New Year's Eve nachos without the use of the stove.
Earlier today I thought I'd try to turn the circuit on again... just in case.  When I flipped the switch, all the power in our apartment went out.  Bang.  Well, it was more a pop, but you get the idea.  Whoops.  So much for being able to heat anything up for nachos with no crockpot, no microwave, still no stove and oven, and we wouldn't want to open the fridge anyway because that was also not on.  It also meant no heater, etc. etc. etc.
So Jeremy called our rental people about this emergency and someone came pretty quickly, fixed things, including finding out what was wrong and tripping the stove/oven.  So guess what.  New Year's Eve nachos including being able to use the stove to heat the nacho cheese and make refried beans.  I was also able to use the oven for making Chex Mix.  Hooray, but sorry to the maintenance guy who had to come fix things on New Year's Eve.  At least it didn't take him too long.
Well, this is a way to finish off 2016.  We got our nachos. 
We got to toast the end of this year and the beginning of next year with sparkling cider from the fridge. 
The kids got to stay up late watching movies (even though I was hoping they'd just fall asleep with their sleeping bags on the living room floor) and we have 9 o'clock church tomorrow morning.  We even made some celebratory pizza before working on nachos since the oven is working again.
Happy 2016.