Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friendly Farewells

While Jeremy went on a birding field trip today, the kids and I went out on our own to run some errands.  One place we went was the Orem Library.  It was nice not having a time limit like we sometimes do.  We spent several hours there, reading books, enjoying the boys performing at the puppet theatre, lots of good stuff.
We stopped at home after the library and found Jeremy had returned so we took him with us and went for a nice drive around the lake.  At one point we did let the kids out to stretch their legs at a playground.  After only a couple minutes, Nichole climbed back in the van because it was too cold.  Lucky was upset about getting buckled back in but within a few minutes he was asleep.
When we got home he had a bit of snuggle time with Mom before I went to farewell party for friends who are moving out of state.  These are such sweet, kind friends who will be missed but I do wish them much luck for their future.
Love you, friends.  And the party was so much fun- with snacks, the warm fires, and the fun game of Pictionary, and of course wonderful company.  Good times.

Friday, November 17, 2017

And... We're Caught Up

Ta-da.  Today, November 17, is Homemade Bread Day.  The boys helped grind wheat and I made... homemade bread.  Mmmmmmm.
And now I'm caught up... finally.  Yay!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Teddy Bears, Pickles, and Hole Punchers... Oh My

Well, we had on our calendar that November 14 was National American Teddy Bear Day.  We had checked out the Teddy Bear Encyclopedia from the library but didn't do much looking at it that day.  Oh well. 
I asked Nichole and Jr. to help with some menu planning.  I showed them what holidays were on the calendar and they got pretty creative with figuring out foods to go with the holidays.
Jr. let me know that bears eat meat so we should have hamburgers for dinner on Teddy Bear Day. 
I didn't have it written on the calendar, but I found an old facebook post that November 14 was also Pickle Day (I now have it on the calendar).  We made sure to have pickles with our hamburgers.
Earlier in the day, Google informed me that that day was also the anniversary of the hole puncher so while Lucky had a friend over to play, I let them go at some construction paper with hold punches.  After a while I emptied the holes onto the table for them to get creative with, then stopped their play when they started blowing the holes off the table.  Sigh.  They did a good job cleaning up afterward, though.
So several things to celebrate that day, only one of which was planned before the day started.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kindness Popcorn

November 13 was World Kindness Day.  We also had Family Home Evening that day.  Nichole gave a very nice lesson about kindness including examples of how people have been kind to her at school.  Way to go school kids.  You make a positive difference.  Keep it up.

For treat, since the activity was watching Dad play a new space video game, Jr. was creative.

asteroid field popcorn with pretzel spaceships and M&M torpedoes

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pizza- How Do You Want It?

November 12 was National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day.  This year I asked the kids how they wanted their pizza.  There were some overlapping ideas so this is how it finally turned out:

Half overlapping pepperoni (I didn't want to do that much pepperoni on a whole pizza), half pepperoni and olive

Pepperoni pizza with BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce/seasonings

BBQ chicken pizza.  Yummm.

Yeah.  We like pizza.

Monday, November 13, 2017

"Open Sesame"

November 9 was Neon Sign Day.  Lucky and I made a trip to the Orem Library that day so I could get a picture in front of their "OPEN" sign.  He likes to run up to the automatic doors and call out, "Open Sesame!" until they open.  It's adorable.
Another thing he likes to do is play in the children's area.  He likes to sit in a rocking chair while I read board books to him or he plays with the puppet theatre.  Aren't traditions fun?
If we go down to the Fiction/Teen Fiction section, he likes to color on a big coloring page they have there.  It's nice and relaxing to sit there while he colors.  I like it myself.
Great time with my little guy.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Violins and Bats

November 8 was Bram Stoker's birthday.
Nichole had an orchestra concert that evening.  Jr. and I dropped off the boys at a friends' house and had some Mommy-Jr. time watching the concert.
Nichole did so well.  She's really taken to the violin (she's always been musical).  She even got to play a fiddling duel with another student in the concert.  I'm so proud of her.

After the concert we all sat down to eat toast and read about vampire bats (because of the holiday).  Unfortunately, it was dark/night and Jeremy was out of town at a convention and... vampire bats. *shiver*
Don't get me wrong.  I love bats, but that night (and reading about drinking blood)- eek.  I was afraid we'd get nightmares.  So Nichole read to us about hippos.  Not nearly as eek.
I didn't get nightmares even though after the kids went to bed I watched the Doctor Who episode, "The Vampires of Venice."
None of the kids mentioned getting nightmares either.  Phew.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

An Excellent Young Woman

Recently we went to Young Women in Excellence.  We have a young woman now so she was able to display something she's been working on- her sketch book.  She's been drawing a picture of characters from a novel she's writing.  Yeah, she's multi-talented.
The evening was Dr. Seuss themed so they had Dr. Seuss themed treats as well.
Lucky enjoyed the truffula tree cupcakes.

Friday, November 10, 2017

King Tut Day 2017

November 4 was King Tut Day.  I checked out the old Batman Television Series with Adam West from the library and the kids had fun watching lots of episodes that day.  Hey, one of the villains is King Tut, right?  Perfect excuse.
We also ate taco mummy wraps.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

"Pudge Controls the Weather"

November 3 was Sandwich Day.  When we think of Sandwich Day, we think of Lilo and Stitch.  We had kid friends visiting so I printed Lilo and Stitch pictures for them to color along with Lucky.  Then they watched Lilo and Stitch.
When the older kids got home from school, they got to watch Lilo and Stitch.
It was a cool, cloudy day.  I kept remarking that "Pudge controls the weather."  Who knows if he got his peanut butter sandwich or not?
The weather felt perfect for what we had for dinner.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  Mmmm.
For dessert we had sandwich cookies.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dia de los Muertos

November 2 was Plan Your Epitaph Day.  Nichole and Jr. went throughout the day mentioning different epitaphs.
That day was also Dia de los Muertos.  How appropriate that both were on that day.
Lucky wanted to do some coloring so I printed out a sugar skull for him to color.  He really enjoyed that.
His coloring is improving, too- not nearly as much scribbling but he tries to color the individual parts now.  Fun to see the progress.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

National Chocolate Day 2017

Besides celebrating with books, we've continued to celebrate with food.
October 28 was National Chocolate Day so we had chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate.  It's definitely hot chocolate season.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Celebrating with Books

Here's a way to catch up.  There have been a lot of holidays lately that could be celebrated with books so I did some planning and checking out books from the library to prepare.  I'll let you know what those holidays are and suggestions for books to read to celebrate.
October 21 was Reptile Awareness DayThe Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash (and its sequels).
October 22 was National Color DayBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

October 23 was National Mole Day.  The Wind in the WillowsLucky was so adorable that evening.  He opened the book and started making up his own story according to the pictures in the book.  It was so cute to hear.  I was tired enough, though, that I fell asleep in my room while listening to him read in the living room.  He was "reading" for a long time, though.  So adorable.
October 26 was Steven Kellogg's BirthdayThe Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash (and its sequels).  I just couldn't help it with the cereal again.
October 31 was National Knock Knock Jokes Day.  I checked out a bunch of Knock Knock Jokes books.
November 1 was Vinegar DayThe Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle.
November 5 is Marooned Without a Compass Day.  In Search of the Castaways.  I tried another Jules Verne book last year- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  I only read 85 pages of it before I couldn't handle it anymore.  As Jeremy said, "A little more fiction, a little less science, please."  I'm already beyond that many pages and I'm enjoying In Search of the Castaways.  Family Home Evening activity tonight was watching the Hayley Mills movie.  It's fun to see how many scenes from the book they put in the movie even if they changed them a little.  Obviously there are more differences than similarities but I am enjoying the book and I already know I enjoy the movie.
Nichole earned a reward at school and picked out a little toy compass.  When it was time to take pictures with the book and movie, she couldn't find her compass.  "Oh no.  I'm marooned without a compass."  I love it.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Two Day Halloween

Poor little Lucky was sick on Halloween.  Jeremy was able to stay home with him that morning while I went to watch the boys in their Halloween parade at school. 
Then I stayed with Lucky while Jeremy went to work.
When he got home, I took the older kids trick-or-treating (because we missed the ward trick-or-treating) to a few houses.  Jr. Jr. nicely carried his trick-or-treat bucket in one hand and Lucky's in the other so Lucky was able to get some candy, too.
Here were the kids' costumes:
Jr. Jr. was a minecraft zombie.
Jr. was a barrel of toxic waste.
Nichole was the character, Ephira, from the book series Fablehaven.
Luckily, Lucky wanted the same costume as last year so he didn't miss showing off in public (though he did wear it at Jr.'s cub scout pack meeting the week before).
Since Lucky missed trick-or-treating on Halloween and since he was feeling better the next day, we set up trick-or-treating in our home especially for him.  Each of the older kids went behind closed doors and when Lucky knocked on the door, they opened and gave him candy.
They all had fun and Lucky was totally happy with getting to trick-or-treat at home.  It's all about the candy.  Since we missed the ward activity, we had all that candy that we would have handed out (we only got a few trick or treaters at our place).  We gave the kids each some candy to give to Lucky and they got to keep the rest that we gave them.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dinner and Dessert

We got together with friends for dinner one evening last week.  Taco salad.  Yumm.
 After dinner we tried out some different kinds of Japanese snacks.
We also tried Mystery Oreos.
It's fun to try something new, not that dinner with friends is new- but new snacks.  Fun.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween Pack Meeting

Recently, we went to a Halloween-themed cub scout pack meeting.  Jr. and another boy were both awarded their Bear.  They had something special for those boys and their mothers.  The boys decorated their moms' faces and the moms decorated their sons' faces.
Here's how ours turned out (Jr. did my face first and did a terrific job so I decided to copy him).
Everyone also got to play Halloween carnival games.  They had fun.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Break- Scarecrows

Another day of Fall Break, Jeremy and Jr. worked on a project for school while I took the other kids to the Scarecrow Festival at Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.
Again they had an I Spy scarecrow scene.
They also had scarecrows advertising Dia de Los Muertos again (Jeremy again built sculptures for the event).
We found Waldo... twice.
We even saw One-Eyed Willy from the movie, Goonies.  My kids haven't seen that movie, but I just had to take a picture to show Jeremy.  One-Eyed Willy even had the key hanging from his neck.
At one point there was a scarecrow sitting on the edge of a bench with the sign saying, "Take a Seat."  The kids very nicely sat and looked scared for me to take a picture.
The last scarecrow we saw made us laugh.  It had a sign saying, "Harry Potter (under his cloak of invisibility)," with no scarecrow to be seen.  Of course not because he's invisible.

On the way out, the kids got on a bench to rest for a bit.  I mentioned that the scarecrow festival must have taken a lot out of them so I told them to say, "That Scarecrow Festival took a lot out of us." 
After that, almost every bench we came to, Jr. Jr. and Lucky would stop and say, "That scarecrow festival took a lot out of us."  We stopped at a lot of benches and they had a lot of fun saying those words.
 We had fun but that Scarecrow Festival took a lot out of us.