Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pack Meeting

"Jesus saw potential in others and so can you."  We got to go to pack meeting for cub scouts this evening where Jr. received a belt loop for his Bear.  He was able to share some of the things he had done in order to earn it.  Way to go, Jr.
The kids got to make graham cracker houses for the activity.  The leaders were so patient with those kids.  Way to go, leaders.
I got to watch a friend's child today.  Lucky was asleep when he got here and the other kids were at school so we had a bit of one on one time, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos together part of the time and part of the time I worked on a project I needed to work on while he played Hungry Hungry Hippos or with other toys.  While he played, though, it was fun to praise his hippos or the animals he was making make their sounds.  It's these little things I need to work on with my own kids, too.  Taking that one on one time to be involved in what they're doing and praising their efforts.  I've got really good kids and I'm blessed to see how they're growing in so many areas.
Nichole's teaching kids from school how to juggle for a science project.  Nichole, who a year ago couldn't really juggle herself.  Nor could she sew and now she helps me sew juggling balls.
As I mentioned, Jr. is doing well with cub scouts. 
Jr. Jr. has a wonderful imagination and the things he comes up with are terrific.
Lucky just wants to be like all the big people.  He volunteers to help with things when someone asks for help.  Sometimes it's things he's too little to do, but he wants to anyway.
These are really good kids and I love to see how they LIGHTtheWORLD.

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