Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Celebration-Filled Rough Week

It's been a rough week.  A celebration-filled rough week.
Yes, we've celebrated.  No, I haven't blogged.  I've been taking care of a sick baby all week and I'm exhausted and haven't felt up to blogging. 
I'm also feeling over-emotional, so much so that I broke down in tears in the middle of teaching Sharing Time in Primary today.  Yeah, those poor kids.  I certainly got their attention, though, even from the ones who weren't paying attention before.
It's been a rough week.
On the happy side, after we celebrated International Waffle Day, Thursday, March 26 was Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.  The kids made up holidays, but we didn't have time to celebrate much.  Nichole's was "Make a YouTube Video Day."  Sorry we didn't get to that, Nichole.  We'll try another time.
Jr.'s was "Minecraft Day."  They did play that.
I don't remember what Jr. Jr.'s was or if he really had one.
Mine was "Celebration of the Baby Not Throwing Up The Whole Day."  I picked that one in the morning and was really hoping I'd get to celebrate it.  Fortunately I did.  Unfortunately he had other troubles instead of throwing up that day.
Friday, March 27, was the anniversary of when Singin' in the Rain premiered.  I thought that after the again rough day, we'd all get to sit down and relax watching that movie together.  The kids watched it but I didn't get a chance to relax and watch it.  I listened to it in the other room as I made dinner.  Sigh.  I'm glad the kids enjoyed it, though.
Saturday, March 28, was Something on a Stick Day.  Skipping our traditional homemade corn dogs because I had a baptism to go to, we had different food when I got home because the family of the girl who was baptized sent me home with a bunch.  They knew I had sick kids at home and that my husband was home taking care of them.  Such sweet people. 
Then Nichole and I went to the church building to watch the General Women's Meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was the first time that Nichole and I were able to go together.  Last time we watched on the computer at home and the time before that, Nichole had a dance show the same evening.  There's something special about that mother-daughter time watching an important broadcast together at the church building away from the distractions of home.  The theme of this broadcast was all about family.  I loved it.
Since I also didn't get around to making a treat for when we got home, Nichole and I stopped by the grocery store (it was fun to see so many women at the grocery store wearing dresses or skirts).  Nichole got to pick out our treat, something on a stick.  She picked orange dream bars and there were enough in the box to share with the family when we got home.
I'm so grateful for so many things.  I'm grateful for that one on one time with my daughter.  I'm grateful that Lucky is feeling better today.  I'm grateful for my testimony of family.  I'm grateful for my calling in Church.  I'm grateful that through all the trouble this week, I have a Savior who knows what I'm going through, and who can give the comfort I need through the Holy Ghost and other people.  I'm grateful for the 11-year old girl who came up to me after my meltdown on her way to class this morning and told me that she appreciated my testimony.  I'm grateful that our family was able to do some celebrating this week.  I'm grateful that the weather wasn't cold, so the baby could get away with just wearing a diaper for four days straight (a tiny bit less laundry that way).  And I'm grateful that Lucky, who was sick all week, still kept his sense of humor.
I am grateful for so much more that I'm thinking about but not listing right now. 
I have so much to be grateful for and I am grateful.


  1. I'm sorry your week was so rough. I'm impressed you still found ways to celebrate. I hope this week is a gazillion million times better!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. Fortunately, that child is feeling better. Unfortunately, one of the other children came down with something then I came down with something. Such is life, I guess. So far it doesn't seem as if ours is lasting as long as the baby's did, though. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.