Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Calendar Played a Joke on Me

A while back, I was updating our dry erase wall calendar.  Since there's nothing to celebrate on April 1st, I was trying to write the celebrations for April 2nd on that date and skip April 1st.  There were several to write down and I accidentally wrote them down on April 1st.  Whoops. 
I erased them so I could put them on the 2nd.  I wrote them down only to realize that I had again written them on the calendar for April 1st.  Sigh.
I erased them again and wrote them again... on April 1st.  What?  Really?
Fine.  I was NOT going to write them ALL again.  So I put an arrow from April 1st to April 2nd and wrote, "Just kidding!  They are supposed to be here"
Looks like I was April Fooled.

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