Saturday, March 7, 2015

National Cereal Day 2015

Last year I said I couldn't handle the junky cereal we got to celebrate National Cereal Day, March 7.  I'd prefer a cheese and pickle sandwich.
Well, I got junky cereal anyway before looking at my blog post from last year.  A different kind than last year and I handled it better.  The kids again had no problem.
We also don't have any block cheese so instead of making cheese and pickle sandwiches, I used shredded cheese and made grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles on the side.  Yumm.
I also made pseudo-sausage based on my brother's recipe for BuckBean sausages (with my own substitutions).  I thought it was appropriate since it has cereal in it.
Originally I was going to make funeral potatoes because they have corn flakes in them, but I realized that we don't have enough sour cream and I didn't look at the recipe soon enough.  Oh well.
Lucky also got to eat some cereal (just not the junky kind).  He's so cute.
Happy Cereal Day.

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