Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Want You To Be Happy

You know how some days are just off.  Sigh.  Sometimes we're just grumpy.  Yesterday, March 3, was I Want You To Be Happy Day.  Part of the day was happy, part of it was not.  Maybe it was the change in weather.
March comes in like a lion?
Oh well.
I did make Jr. Jr. happy when I let him do something he wanted to do (and he spent most of the day doing it).  He told me he had a good idea for an activity to do.  He wanted to play with penguins in the ice water again like he did on Penguin Awareness Day.  At first I told him the pan wasn't available but I was able to wash it later and he was soooooo happy about it.
This time he got to play with a bunch of toys, not just the antarctic animals.
Lucky was able to join in for a little while, too.  They were both happy.  That made me happy.
Lucky was also happy because he got to feed himself his favorite food- yogurt.

Now I'm back to being not so happy.  Sigh.  I cut my finger so it's hard to type.  Today, March 4, is National Dance the Waltz Day.  There was a little bit of dancing going on.
Last year, Jr. Jr. thought it was Dance the Wall Day.  He's so cute.

I'm going to stop typing now.  My finger hurts more.

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