Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Johnny Appleseed Day 2015

I originally planned to make apple pie for Johnny Appleseed Day, March 11.  I wasn't feeling up to it.
After hoping to get to bed earlier than later last night, two of the kids were having troubles not feeling well.  Sigh.  Then one of the other kids had some trouble in the middle of the night.  Yeah, trouble.  At least it's not anything too serious.  Just normal stuff.  Poor kids.  Poor Mom.  Poor Dad who has to deal with things, too.  Sigh.
Oh well.  Jeremy stopped by the store today and bought some apple pie treats for us.  Thank you, Jeremy.
Jr. said, "Remember when I always stuck my tongue out for pictures?"

Jr. Jr. just wanted to be like his brother.
I love my kids.
Jeremy also checked out some tall tales from the library so the kids could watch Johnny Appleseed.
It's always nice when we can still celebrate even if we're not feeling the best.  Yay.
I was nicer today, too.  Also yay.

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