Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Forgive Mom and Dad Day 2015

Why is it that on Forgive Mom and Dad Day, March 18, I always have a good day and don't need to be forgiven for losing my temper?
It happened again this year.  I'm glad I didn't lose my temper.  I should be forgiven for a few things, though.
This morning I lost my balance and stumbled on Nichole.
Lucky was very clingy while I was trying to get ready and go out walking with a friend.  He was not happy that I kept setting him down or handing him over to Daddy.
It was a good walk, though.
Thanks, Emily.
I took the kids to the library this evening and accidentally bumped into them several times with the stroller.
Little things like that are reasons I should be forgiven today.  Nothing big.
Overall it was a good day and I did get along with the kids.
We win.

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