Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Spoiled Surprise?

You know those times when you accidentally come across a present meant for you and you feel bad because you really weren't looking around for presents and you feel like you spoiled the surprise?
On St. Patrick's Day, I went out for a drive with Lucky.  I brought Jeremy's cell phone with me and I heard it ding.  I stopped somewhere to look at the phone in case someone had something work-related they needed to talk to Jeremy about.  I noticed there was a text and read that it said Jeremy's package had been delivered.  The text said what was in the package- the dvd for Pirates of Penzance.
Oh, no.  I wanted that movie.  Jeremy must have ordered it as a present for me, maybe for Mother's Day or our anniversary or my birthday.  Oh, no.  I like surprises and Jeremy likes surprising me, but I felt so bad for ruining this one.
What was I going to do?  Should I not even mention the text?  Should I tell him about everything?  I felt so bad.
When I got home, still feeling bad I went into my room to put things away and saw this bag sitting on the bed.
Jeremy had turned a snowman into a leprechaun for me and wrote a note saying, "Mommy, it's your lucky day!"  Well, I knew what was in the bag.  Pirates of Penzance!

Yay!  I hadn't ruined the surprise.
I handed Jeremy his phone and told him he had a message.  When he looked at his phone, he asked if I had read the text.  Yes, but I was so relieved I could tell him the whole story of being worried I had ruined the surprise but it turned out I hadn't after all.  He was glad that he had been excited enough that he couldn't wait to give the movie to me so he made it a St. Patrick's Day present.
So... Phew.  It turned out great and we were both happy with how it turned out.
The End.

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