Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Festival of Life in the Cracks Day 2015

Nooooooooooooo!  I was going to get up and get things done.  I was supposed to be getting over my cold.  Then I woke up feeling worse this morning.  Blech.  So...
The little boys and I watched A Bug's Life this morning to celebrate Festival of Life in the Cracks Day, March 10. 
This afternoon, Jr. Jr. and I went out to get some fresh air because maybe that would help.  We went to a park to look at cracks in the pavement and to see what life we could find.  Plants?  Bugs?
I saw one bug that crawled into a crack and another bug nowhere near a crack.
But we saw plants.  Lots and lots of plants.  Lots of plants grow in cracks.  If you really get down and look at the weeds, it's awesome.  They have so many different textures.
Jr. Jr. thought this one looked like they were having a party.
Jr. Jr. took some pictures
 and I took some pictures.
Now I'm feeling lousy again and just want to get this blog post done so I can go to bed.
I'm also feeling grumpy again because I don't feel well.  Blech.  And I've still got sick kids, too.

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