Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Better Day

Even though I was up a lot in the middle of the night (both Jr. Jr. and Lucky were having troubles), I tried harder this morning.  I got the kids up at a decent time so we were able to do scripture study.  I'm trying to get them up a little earlier each day to transition into daylight savings this weekend.  Since we had enough time this morning, I offered to make the kids a nice breakfast.  Nichole decided to make signs for each of the foods.  She also made name plates for each of us to know where we were sitting after she set the table.
Jr. made his food into a smiley face.  Love my son.
So morning was good.

And my finger still hurts so I'm not going to type much more.  Thank goodness it's just a little cut.
So to make a long story short...
The evening wasn't the best.  Oh well.  Overall it was a better day today than the last couple days.  And we'll try again tomorrow.  Little improvements each day, right?

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