Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pig Island

Sandra Boynton is an author and illustrator who has done some really cute board books for children.  Years and years ago, my mom got us a book and CD of songs by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford.  It's called "Philadelphia Chickens."  One of the songs is "Pig Island" and on the CD it is sung by Scott Bakula. 
The chorus to "Pig Island" goes like this:
"Pig Island! Pig Island! What a beautiful place to be.  They play on the beaches the color of peaches there by the turquoise sea, oh my, under a blue, blue sky."
Since March 1 is National Pig Day, I made my own culinary interpretation of the scene described in the chorus.
Cute, huh?
Jeremy pointed out that they are "pigs in a beach blanket."
Also cute.

On a related note, February 28 is National Tooth Fairy Day.  So to celebrate both holidays, last night Jeremy and I watched the movie, "Hogfather," based on the Terry Pratchett book.  It has tooth fairies in it and it takes place the night before Hogswatch.  We watched it the night before Pig Day.
Yeah, it's not just the kids that are creative in our family.

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