Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hug a Penguin

Yesterday, January 20, was Penguin Awareness Day.
Jr. Jr. and I had some fun discussing penguins in Antarctica as he played with some penguin (and sea lion and whale) toys in ice water.  Just like the penguins in Antarctica, these guys got to swim around the ice flow.  I showed him how the penguins will sometimes pop up out of the water and that a lot of times when they get to the water, there is still a lot of ice around.  I made him aware of several things about penguins.
Lucky was able to join in a little later.
After running some errands, we came back to find that the ice had all melted, so I told Jr. Jr., "Now it's like the open ocean."  He got a kick out of that.
Later that day, we watched some of March of the Penguins while eating penguin snack crackers. 
I didn't know they made them in penguin shapes.  I knew of goldfish and whales but recently a sister I visit teach told me about the penguins.  How great since Penguin Awareness Day was coming up.

Today, January 21, is National Hug Day.  I got to go on two dates today.  And get lots of hugs.  Woohoo.  Earlier in the day, Jr. Jr. and I got to go on a Mommy-Son date.  We went to a park and to University Mall to throw coins in the fountain, see the fireplace, and play at the tree house and dinosaur bones.
This evening, Jeremy and I got to go out on an actual going out date.  Woohoo.  And hug.  Lucky's old enough that we can actually leave all the kids with friends now.  Yay!
I like National Hug Day.  Don't you?

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