Thursday, June 1, 2017

What Have We Been Up To?

What have we been up to?
The kids finished up school for the year.  We went to their end of the year dance festival.  They all did great.
 Lucky got into it as well.
These pictures are before and after school on the last day of school.  There are pictures of the older kids on the first day of school on my post from August 24, 2016.  A picture of Jr. Jr. on his first day of school is on my post from September 6, 2016.

We celebrated my birthday.  Jeremy even sent me out for some alone time on my birthday while he worked on dinner.  I went to a park, sat down to read a book and eat my lunch and got to talk to my mom on the phone.  It was relaxing to have quiet time in the shade while listening to the birds around.
Happy Birthday to You! or Me!

Since school's been out, we've had family time at home.
We've had family time out.
Yesterday, we went up to Big Springs to have a BBQ.  We all had a good time.
The kids found a caterpillar.
At one point, the caterpillar moved off to somewhere else.  This is what I heard from the kids:
Nichole:  Jr., your caterpillar has flown the coop.
Jr.:  It's not my caterpillar.  It's nature's.

Well, we enjoyed our nature time.  We tried out something a friend suggested for camping.  S'mores in a waffle cone.  You take chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, stuff them in a wafflecone, wrap it in foil, and put it on the fire or on the grill or whatever.  Some of us had peanuts/peanut butter in ours.  Yumm.  Warms it up nicely.
The kids enjoyed getting to play with outside activities as well.  We got a new frisbee.  It can light up so we'll have to go out sometime while it's getting dark to try out that function.
When we got to Big Springs it was a little windy so that made playing with bubbles fun.  The kids didn't have to blow them.  They just had to pull the wand out of the container and the wind took care of the rest.

And of course there were plenty of birds to listen to.  Gorgeous.  And sometimes they even let us see them and get pictures.
The robins certainly let us take pictures.

Before we left home, Jr. Jr. brought me a present he forgot to give me on Mother's Day.  A necklace he made at school.  What a sweetheart.
Wow.  We've been busy.
So now you know why I'm too exhausted to blog so often.  We're too busy doing.

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