Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bunting Hunting

And then there are those days where you have so much going on in just one day.  Yesterday was one of those days.
Yesterday morning we took the kids to the Orem Library's Teddy Bear Picnic which kicks off the Summer Reading Program.  It was fun... as usual.  Again the kids LOVED the puppet show portion.  They enjoyed the rest of the show as well.
This year's theme for the reading program is "Make it Work," and the Teddy Bear Picnic had a S.T.E.A.M. Punk theme.  S.T.E.A.M.= Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.
Of course I got pictures of the kids in front of the balloon robot Jeremy built.  It took a while to get the kids to all smile and look at the camera.  I'd think I'd get a good picture then look at it to realize that one child was looking in a different direction or one was making a goofy face or I was concentrating so much on the kids I cut off part of the robot's head.  Sigh.  But I finally got one.

After the Teddy Bear Picnic, we headed up to a park in Murray where we were told there was an indigo bunting hanging out.  Several people saw it the day before and were able to tell us where to find it.  Good thing because that park is huge.  The boys were more excited to get wet by the sprinklers but Nichole helped us finally spot the bird.  We kept hearing it and would get glimpses of it and finally we were able to get some pictures.  Hey, two life birds which are blue in two days?  Not bad.

Lucky: How dare you, sprinklers.  How dare you.

We had snacks at the Teddy Bear Picnic and ate lunch on the way home from "bunting hunting" so we didn't hear a lot of complaining about being hungry.  That's good.
When we got home, I couldn't help it, I fell asleep for a while before taking Nichole to activity days... sort of.  One of the leaders just got released so the other one forgot to give a reminder to the girls.  Oh well.  So the leader was sweet and gave Nichole and I each a popsicle when no other girls showed up and we went back home.
Then we had dinner and it was time for Mommy-Daughter Date.  The boys watched a movie in their room while Nichole and I watched a movie in the living room and ate snacks.  Good time together.  We had ice cream and popcorn and Nichole had gummy bears.
So it was a busy busy day, very full. 

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