Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Last Few Days

What have we been up to the last few days?  Well...
We've had some fun.
Building towers is fun, isn't it?
Acting like hams at dinner is also fun, right?

Having a friend over for some girl time to watch a movie while Jeremy takes the boys out to a playground is fun, too.

Getting to finally celebrate our anniversary by going on a relaxing picnic together while the kids are visiting friends is fun.
It's also fun before our picnic to meet up with some birding friends to see some owls- baby owls.
 Jeremy had fun earlier on by getting to see the owlets close up.
It's fun to spend extra time with friends when we go to pick up the kids- talking, playing games, looking at chickens.
It's definitely fun to finally finally find my nemesis bird, the bird I have gone out to see so many times and haven't yet seen- the blue grosbeak.  There were several to see when I went out to look this time.
Yeah, we've been having fun.

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