Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another Day, More Adventures

Today was another busy day.  In the morning Jeremy was building a balloon sculpture for an afternoon gig so I took some quiet time out at a park while the kids were still asleep.  Beautiful time for watching the morning sunlight move across the valley to where I was up in the hills.  Lovely.
After Jeremy left for work, the kids and I got ready, then we went to work... or rather we went to where Jeremy was working.  The people we go to see Star Wars with every December hired Jeremy again and invited the kids and I to come to their event.  We went last year and had a good time.  This year we had a good time again.  The kids came home with a bunch of stuff.
After we came home for a little while we headed out again.  This time Jeremy didn't have to work.  We went to celebrate the birthday of our good friend who was the bishop of our singles ward when Jeremy and I got engaged.  He and his wife were such a good influence in our lives.  Good times.  Good memories.  We've kept in touch over the years and have been able to see them from time to time.  It was so good to see them again this evening. 
The birthday celebration was held at a park so the kids enjoyed getting to play on the playground and Jeremy and I enjoyed socializing.  It was a very relaxing evening.
 What a wonderful day we had today.

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