Friday, June 2, 2017

Flip a Coin Day 2017

Jeremy:  Never flip a coin in a moving car.  Words to live by.

June 1 is Flip a Coin Day.
We went out as a family and decided what to do while we were out based on the flip of a coin.  First stop- credit union.  We flipped to decide whether Jeremy would go in by himself or the whole family would go in.  Flip.  The whole family went in.  Since the kids were well-behaved, they got suckers.  Lucky kids.

Back in the van- go birding or go to a playground?  Flip.  Go birding. 
Kids:  If we're going birding, can we watch a movie?
Mom:  Yes, you can.
So I put in "Singin' in the Rain."  A little while later-
Nichole:  Did you choose this movie because of the guy flipping the coin?
Mom:  Yes, I did.

After we got better pictures of a savannah sparrow than we had, we flipped the coin again to decide between birding or going to a playground. 
Birding again. 
I just love how you can really see the "horns" on this horned lark.

The kids started complaining about being hungry so we flipped to decide to get fast food or not for in the van.  Fast food, it was.
The kids ate while watching the movie for the second time and Jeremy and I ate while birding.
Next, birding or playground?  Flip.  Birding.  Sigh.  Jeremy and I decided to be nice so we chose a birding spot with a playground.  The main birding spot in the park was under construction so we stuck mostly to the playground.  When we got there we decided we'd stay for about half an hour.  We stayed for more than an hour.  It was fun.  There was wind, there was rain, there was fun.
Aaaaaaah!  It's so windy!

Then we went home.
The End.

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