Monday, June 19, 2017

Celebrating with Chocolate... Again

June 16 was National Fudge Day.  I went to Girls' Night and brought homemade fudge- almond joy fudge.  Yumm.  There were leftovers so my family got some, too.
June 18 was Father's Day.  I didn't take pictures but the kids had wrapped little peanut butter cups in foil and while Jeremy was taking a nap and I was making dinner, they created a trail from where he was sleeping on the bed through the hall and the living room, into the kitchen and over to the freezer.  Inside the freezer was a bag of Reese's Pieces that said Happy Father's Day on it.
Jeremy woke up because he shifted in his sleep and knocked some of the peanut butter cups off the bed.  The kids had surrounded him while he was sleeping.
He enjoyed what the kids did for him.  Good job, kids.  And good job, Jr., for coming up with the idea.  You have such great creativity.

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