Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Broken Tradition Continues

You know I love traditions but sometimes it's better to break those traditions.  We did so last year and continued again this year with our broken tradition.  Besides minor colds, nobody was sick during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  In fact, a couple of the kids enjoyed dancing around to the music.
Nobody missed church which was good since Jeremy was teaching his class and I was teaching Sharing Time.  The lesson for Sharing Time was "Jesus Christ Came to Earth as Promised by the Prophets."
Hey, that's what we've been talking about in our family scripture study.
So I had Jr. and Jr. Jr. in Junior Sharing Time and Nichole in Senior Sharing Time help me talk about what we do as a family in December for our scripture study and talk about some of the prophets who prophesied of Jesus before He was born.
I brought our Countdown to Christmas skewers but instead of our vase of M&Ms, I had a bigger vase filled with wrapped candy.  At the end of the lesson, each child got to take a piece of candy for paying attention and participating (just like in our family scripture study) with the instructions that they were not to open them at church.  It was Fast Sunday after all.  They could take them home and open them when their parents gave them permission.  Most of the kids did pretty well with that, actually.
It was nice to talk to the children in Primary about prophets teaching about Jesus before He was even born and encourage them to listen to modern prophets teaching about Jesus Christ this very evening.

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