Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Perks

So... Star Wars Episode VII came out in theaters today.  Jeremy and I got to go see it last night.  Yeah, that was awesome.  Some people Jeremy does a show for every year (who feel like family to him) set up a private screening at the theater at Thanksgiving Point for their clients and family and friends the night before it opened.  So Jeremy and I got to go. 
We borrowed some costumes from friends so we could get in the spirit of things and a friend stayed at our home while our kids were in bed (or supposed to be in bed).
Jeremy built a BB-8 out of balloons to take.  They gave out prizes for people who were there and that was one of the prizes.
I never go to movies on opening day.  I usually wait a few weeks for things to die down a little or wait until they come to the cheap theater or wait until they come out on DVD.  So this was an experience watching a movie even before it was officially released in theaters.
One thing that was fun was walking into the lobby of the theater and seeing storm troopers walking around.  It kind of made it more exciting.  And the energy was great in our auditorium with all the people clapping and cheering at different parts in the movie.
Of course I don't want to spoil anything about the movie, but I really enjoyed it.  In my opinion, you can't beat episodes IV, V, and VI, but I definitely liked episode VII better than episodes I, II, and III.
December 17 was also National Maple Syrup Day, so before we left, for dinner we had pancakes with maple syrup and maple breakfast sausages and eggs. 
The pancakes weren't Star Wars shaped, though.  But that's okay. 
Oh, and some of us had leftover donuts for breakfast that day, too.  Maple bars.  Yumm.
 So we've had some holiday celebrating and some Star Wars celebrating.  Woohoo.

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  1. Oh, and finding parking was an adventure. They were still doing the Holiday Lights when we got to Thanksgiving Point. A very nice man who was directing people from the lights to the exit saw a spot open up as we were driving in that direction and let us know about it. Thank you. So for those of you familiar with Thanksgiving Point, we parked by Farm Country and walked to the theater from there. Several people commented (nicely) on the BB-8 we were carrying. One guy even stopped us to get a picture of it and us for his Snap Chat.
    On the way out, we skipped the crowds and went out one of the back exits so we were a little bit closer to where we parked. A little bit.
    It was worth it, though.