Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Stan Lee!

Today's little known holiday celebrated the Creator of Comics, that Captain of Cameos, the Marvel of Marvel- Stan Lee. It was his birthday.

Usually we celebrate by watching one of the many movies that are spread throughout the Marvel Universe. Jeremy even got two new ones for Christmas, so we were pretty much set. Except in the end we didn't end up watching any movies.

Jr. Jr. displayed his unique superpower by becoming magnetized to Daddy. Daddy was officially trying to clean the living room, but he didn't seem too upset by the display of powers.

During Family Home Evening, Jeremy made up a story where the rest of the family got to choose elements of the setting, hero, and antagonist. It ended up being a story about a rogue walking Christmas tree (with spikey boulders for ornaments and a weeping angel on the top) that was harvesting a Minecraft type planet with a peanut butter core. Out hero was a lizard girl named What, who had the superpower of making the best French toast in the universe.

During the story Nichole drew her own comic where someone in Vegas was robbed by a guy, but later saved by our hero, Aurora. Hurrah, Aurora!

Jr. Jr. not to be out done wrote a story about Santa and his elves. A good eighty percent of it was comprehensible!

To top it off both Jeremy and I took naps. But on this of all days they couldn't be just naps. Today they were POWER NAPS!

So it may not have been cake and ice cream, but our creative juices were sure flowing. Happy Birthday, Stan Lee.

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