Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holidays and Exhaustion

I'm still just exhausted.  We've done a lot of celebrating lately, but when it comes time to blog about it, I'm just too tired.  I'd rather sleep.  So I haven't been blogging.
I'm already tired tonight, but I'm going to do a little catching up anyway.  Some of our recent celebrations:
December 11 was International Mountain Day.  Since it occurred during Hannukah, we had a "mountain" of latkes then played Dreidel.  Lucky does pretty well at spinning the dreidel so he enjoyed his first time playing.

December 13 was Cocoa Day so the kids got hot chocolate after church.  I didn't get around to getting a picture of that.  But we've got plenty of hot chocolate pictures on this blog already.

We also celebrated Lucky's birthday recently.  He was really good at blowing out his candles.  I had to light them three times so we could get a decent picture of him blowing them out.  He didn't complain, though.  He was happy to blow them out each time I lit them, and thought it was fun.

Then today, December 16, is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.  So we made our annual trip to the Holiday Lights at Thanksgiving Point.  We did stop by the Water Tower Plaza this year to visit the reindeer and warm ourselves by the fire.  I asked Jeremy to make us balloon hats to wear. 
Balloons.  It's kind of our thing, you know?

When we got home we had donuts and hot chocolate.  Some of the donuts were chocolate covered.  And some of the donuts we dipped in our hot chocolate to make them chocolate covered.  Yumm.

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