Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Well, today was a big day just getting ready for Christmas.  I went out this morning for some quiet time.  I took some time for prayer and personal scripture study, things to invite the Spirit.  I also enjoyed looking at the snow covered mountains in the morning light.
I've been grumpy lately and the whole family has just been having trouble fighting and yelling and being mean to each other.  But not today.  When I got home, everyone was working especially hard to be nice to each other.  The kids were quick to say, "I'm sorry."  They did better at explaining why they were unhappy about something.  We all tried extra hard not to raise our voices unless it was absolutely necessary.  "No!  Don't touch that, Lucky."  It was much better because everyone put the effort in.
Lucky and Jr. helped me make breadsticks for our big Christmas Eve dinner.
The kids helped Jeremy decorate the tree. 
Jeremy made peanut butter fudge the other day and we all got to have some today.  Yumm.
The kids watched The Muppet Christmas Carol while Jeremy and I finished preparing dinner, including our traditional Sprite with candy canes.
So much food.  What a blessing.
In the evening we had our Christmas Eve program and scripture study. 
Before that, we hung up our stockings by the fire and danced to The Piano Guys Christmas music.
After opening presents from my visiting teachers, the kids had some pie and put out a cookie and a glass of milk for Santa.
After the kids went to bed, Jeremy finished decorating the tree. 
That's how our Christmas Eve 2015 was.  How about yours?

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  1. And I just looked outside and it's snowing... a lot.
    Looks like we'll have a white Christmas.