Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Indian Night

Two of our kids are going to be in the school play again this year.  This year they are doing "The Jungle Book."  After they got home from play practice one day, I made Indian food while the kids watched the cartoon, "The Jungle Book."  When the kids finished their movie, they came into the kitchen where I was making the food and watching my own movie, "A Little Princess," which takes place in India in the beginning.
After the kids went to bed, Jeremy and I ate Indian food while watching another movie that took place partly in India.  Yeah, fun theme night.

Oh, the movie Jeremy and I watched was "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol."  Besides part of it taking place in India, there were also parts in Hungary, Dubai, and Seattle, all places Jeremy's been to (not India, but he did eat Indian food while he was in Dubai).

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