Monday, February 27, 2017

International Polar Bear Day 2017

February 27 is International Polar Bear Day.  We ate fish sticks (even though polar bears don't usually eat fish). 
We also ate caramel crunch bars because the brand had a polar bear on its logo.  Tee Hee.
Jeremy put on a sort of nature show that had polar bears in it.
We spent some time realizing we don't have any movies with polar bears in them, but Nichole mentioned that Studio C has a sketch with a polar bear in it, so we watched some Studio C.
That's how we celebrated this year.


  1. I tried to comment earlier but apparently it didn't work with my phone...

    I realized it was Polar Bear Day earlier in the day, and then one of my high schoolers got on the bus with a picture he had colored of a polar bear. Total coincidence: he did not know about the holiday! So I was able to show him the website I go to for holidays and your blog. =)

    1. That is so fun. We've had many coincidences like that over the years.