Monday, February 20, 2017

Playgrounds on Presidents' Day

One day while we were out for a nice afternoon drive, Jr. needed to stretch his legs.  We stopped and a few of us got out to stretch our legs.  We were near a playground at the time and Jeremy came up with a wonderful idea.  "We go and spend a day out birding, but every park we pass that has a playground, we have to stop and spend five minutes playing on it."  That way Jeremy and I get our birding in, but the kids don't have to stay cooped up in the van the whole time and get to have some fun as well.
Enter a day off of school.  Today.  Jeremy planned out a route and we made sure to have enough food and snacks in the van as well as movies for the kids to watch during our in the van time.  They each got to pick a movie from the library for our trip- extra incentive to go out.
Honestly it was fun.  We ended up stopping at quite a few playgrounds, some we planned on and some we happened upon.  A few of the playgrounds the kids got extra time at because there were birds to watch.  They didn't complain about that.  I got a new life bird.  We got some better pictures of some birds than we had before.  We didn't stick strictly to the route Jeremy planned because a fellow birder contacted us while we were out and gave us some suggestions of what birds we could find in certain places.  That was fun.  We also didn't get to all the places on Jeremy's list, but we went to some others because hey, it was our trip and we could be flexible.
Look.  It's our national bird- the bald eagle (juvenile, not adult).  Perfect for Presidents' Day.

It was a good family day.

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