Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Legend of Zelda Dinner

February 21 is the Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda so we planned a lovely Legend of Zelda Dinner.  We took ideas from several different games.  Some items fit into multiple games.  Here are some of the things we ate:
Tasty meat (chicken drumsticks)
We also thought of the drumsticks because there are birds in Skyward Sword (ewww) along with clouds (mashed potatoes).
Red chuchus with hearts inside and green chuchus with magic inside (jello jigglers made in mini muffin tins with red or green runts inside)
Magic milk
Blue potion (Kool-Aid)
Deku scrub cheeseball
We also ate carrots since you can feed Epona (horse) carrots to make her go faster.
Some other ideas we came up with but didn't make:
magic refried beans (from magic beans)
salmon burgers (because of fish you can go fishing for)
While we ate Jeremy played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for us.
I love going with a theme like this.  It's fun to celebrate.

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