Monday, May 9, 2016

Screen Free Week 2016

Screen Free Week this year was May 2-8.
Some highlights:

Monday, May 2, Jeremy made a balloon arch for the elementary school's mini marathon.  He managed to get a good picture before the wind picked up and knocked it to the ground, popping a lot of the balloons.  Sigh.
May 2 is also Baby Day but I didn't get any pictures of the baby carrots we ate with dinner.

Tuesday, May 3, I had a dentist appointment.  Since the dentist's office is on the way to a nice birding spot, Jeremy and the younger boys picked me up after my appointment and we drove to that spot.  There were quite a few cars parked there when we got there and we wondered why.  Since we weren't using the computer for the week, we didn't know what the latest birding news was.  People let us know there was a Little Gull there at the lake.  We'd never seen a Little Gull before so that was exciting.  A new life bird.  What we didn't realize until later however is that a Little Gull is very rare in Utah.  And we just happened to be there that day to see it.  So cool.
That evening, Jeremy went with Jr. and his scout troop hiking up to Battle Creek Falls.

Wednesday, May the Fourth, was International Respect for Chickens Day.  We had chicken pizza then decorated cards which we then took over to give to some chickens.
We got to pet and hold the chickens.  They're still pretty young, but their owners said they'd hang the cards in the chicken coop for them.  It was fun.

Thursday, May 5, Nichole performed in her school play.  It was "Disney Aladdin Kids" and Nichole was a food vendor, a skeleton, and a juggler. 
I'm so proud of her.  She did so well.  She did a good job with her singing, dancing, her lines, and Jeremy and I were very impressed with her juggling.  When she got the part of the juggler a couple months ago, she couldn't juggle very well yet, but she really put the effort in to practice and now she's learning tricks.  She's awesome.

Friday, May 6, I went on a field trip with Jr. to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City.
May 6 is also International No Diet Day so we had ice cream in the evening.  Yumm.

Saturday, May 7, was National Tourism Day so we went to the beach.  Heh Heh.  We took the kids to a beach in the Southeast area of Utah Lake.  They were so happy because they had permission to actually throw sticks and things in the water.  We told them not to get their feet wet in the water, though, but they didn't listen and all got soaked.  Silly kids. 
We got to see a lot of birds including a new to us species.  We also saw a lot of dead fish.

Sunday, May 8, was Mother's Day.  I didn't take any pictures of the cards the kids made for me or the breakfast Jeremy made (or the clean kitchen Jeremy made while I was at the field trip with Jr. on Friday.  "Happy Mother's Day," he said.  My hero).  Oh well.  Instead here's a picture of the kids playing with Nichole's toy dog, having it do tricks.  That's something else they did this week while they weren't playing video games.

It was a good week.  We kept busy without movies or computer or Wii games.  And the younger kids only got into so much mischief.

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