Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

While menu planning for Valentine's Day, I asked my family members what foods they love and thought it might be nice to have some of those for Valentine's Day.  So we had orange chicken and rice.  We had pizza and hot dogs.  We had apples and we had Woo-woo.
Before dinner, we took the kids to a new playground near the Orem Library.  Lucky fell asleep in the car, so I stayed with him and read a book while Jeremy took the other kids to play.
Even earlier in the day, Jeremy helped out in Jr.'s class for his Valentine party.  He brought balloon bows and arrows and a balloon target for the kids to shoot at.  The target reminded me of Captain America's shield so we had a good laugh after I saw that he was also wearing an Ironman shirt.  My sweetheart is the Avengers.  Captain America (shield), Hawkeye (bows and arrows), and Ironman (shirt) all in one.
We had some good family time this Valentine's Day.  During dinner, Jeremy and I told the kids some stories of past Valentine's Days when we were dating and when we were married.  It was a lot of fun with my family today.  I love them all.

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