Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hello, World

Monday, November 21, was World Hello Day.  I was in charge of Family Home Evening activity, so I thought we'd visit some world travelers who have the opportunity to say Hello to different parts of the world- birds.  We drove up to Farmington Bay in the rain, had a little break (it was sprinkling more than heavy raining) while driving around, got a few pictures before it got too dark, and drove home in the rain and rush hour traffic. 
I think we got mostly pictures of birds who stay year round in Utah, though.  Oh well.
The kids were happy to watch a movie in the van on the way home.  They did get excited about the ring-necked pheasant who was on the road in front of us but didn't want to go off into the bushes.  They were able to get a good look at it that way.

Tuesday morning, I got out and took a drive around the lake and did see some birds who travel to different parts of the world.  I saw a lot of different types of birds, including several bald eagles (who are not permanent residents of Utah).  It was so relaxing.  There was no rain that morning, so I was able to get out a couple times to get a better look at birds.
Later, Jeremy took Lucky out for a drive around the lake because I had also seen some ferruginous hawks which he had never seen before.  Lucky had a nice nap and Jeremy saw a couple new birds including some ferruginous hawks which brought his life list up to 200 different species of birds (most new birds were seen this year- it's a birding year for us).

November 22 was also Start Your Own Country Day, so at dinner the kids kept saying what kind of country they would start and what they would name it.  Apparently, Nichole would start a country of the dinner table and would name it India.  Lucky's country would be "the fridge" and "milk."  That's a 2-year old's mind for you.

Today, November 23 is Doctor Who Day.  We don't have anything major planned for the holiday this year since Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Jeremy and Jr. went out for some bonding time this morning to go birding at Farmington Bay.  If the other children stay asleep, I might be able to watch some Doctor Who in the kitchen while doing dishes and making rolls.  Shhh.  Don't wake them.

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  1. I didn't end up watching Doctor Who. It was a busy day then the power went out in the evening and didn't come on until after we'd all gone to bed.