Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Friendship and Adventures

So... less than a week after we got back from the Pacific Northwest, we packed up and headed out again, this time to Montana.  Jeremy was building a big installation for a fair there.  The theme was "Friendship," so he built a 13 foot tall dragon, it's tail holding a swing.  Sitting on the swing was a knight being pushed by a princess. 
While Jeremy did the fair, the kids and I spent time in a motel room again, but we also went to a local park and to the museum attached to the park.
Since he was at the fair, Jeremy picked up a deep fried Snickers for us to split.  Eh, fried ice cream is better.

On the drive to and from the fair, we got in some birding.  We got to see swans at "Swan Lake."  We got to drive through part of Yellowstone National Park.
We also got to stop at a rest area with lava rocks... and cactus.

The adventures didn't stop when we got back to Utah.  The day after we got back, I took the kids to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. 
Later that day, we went back to Thanksgiving Point, to the Gardens this time, for their family night activities.  The theme was, "Rockets, airplanes, and the Wind."  The kids got to launch pop bottle rockets and alka seltzer rockets.  They did alka seltzer rockets before- last Summer for the news.
We got to watch people flying radio controlled aircraft.
The kids also had fun with air- knocking down styrofoam cups, building paper loop airplanes, and making wind socks.
It was a good family evening.

Then the next morning, we got up and went hiking with friends.  We went up to Battle Creek Falls.  That was nice.  I think the last time I went hiking all the way to the falls was when I was pregnant with Jr. Jr.  Yeah.  That was a while ago.

So... yeah, we've been busy.  Jeremy figured out that in the month of July, we were in 6 states- only one of those was just driving through.  All the others we stayed at least 2 nights in.
Busy busy.  Lots of adventures.

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