Monday, August 15, 2016


August 15 is Relaxation Day.  A good way for me to relax is birding.  I got the chance today to go birding with a group of birders from around Utah County.  We went up into the mountains to a nice spot where today's group leader had seen a three-toed woodpecker.
We missed that woodpecker today.  We may have heard it drumming and calling but we only saw hairy woodpeckers and northern flickers.  And lots and lots of other birds.  Ah, relaxing.
Dark-eyed junco and house wren

After the field trip was over, a group of us went on to Utah Lake to look at shore birds.  Lots and lots of shore birds.  Ah, relaxing.
The only way I could get a picture of a solitary sandpiper was through the window of the vehicle I was riding in.  If we tried to get out, it flew away.
I didn't even have to go on a snipe hunt this time to get better pictures of a Wilson's snipe.

To add to the relaxation, when I got home, I found out that a woman in our ward had some extra food left over from a family function and dropped some off for us.  That made dinner easy to figure out and prepare.  Ah, relaxing.

I like this holiday.

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