Monday, June 8, 2015

Ah, The Life Of a Celebrity

We had an early morning this morning.  We got the kids up really early to go up to the Museum of Ancient Life to the Wonders build.  Jeremy was on kutv2 news in the morning.  They also talked about kids summer camps at Thanksgiving Point, so our kids got to be involved in that.  They got to make rockets out of alka seltzer and film canisters.
Jeremy made a balloon caricature of the interviewer to give to him.
Besides KUTV, the Wonders have been getting some other attention.
The Daily Herald had an article about it.
The Daily Universe had an article about it.
With how early our morning was, we didn't get much done today.  Well, Jeremy did.  Today was the first day he started the Temple of Artemis.
And here is a picture of the finished Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
I can barely fit it in with my camera.
It was an early day.

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