Monday, April 25, 2016

Describe The Perfect Date

We went to the library today and had to pick up the movie, "Miss Congeniality."  There's a part in the movie where one of the characters is asked to "describe the perfect date."  She responds by saying the perfect date would be April 25 because it's not too hot and it's not too cold.  "All you need is a light jacket."  Since today is April 25, that's why we had to get that movie.  Tee Hee.
Speaking of dates, a nice date for me would be going out in nature with my husband, maybe around sunset. 
(or moonrise)
We had that opportunity last week.  We went with a group of birders to several birding places and saw quite a few different birds.  Some were birds we'd seen before,
Swainson's Hawk
some were birds we hadn't yet seen this year,
and some were birds we'd never seen before.
Virginia Rail and Marbled Godwits
Some we never would have found on our own (or with little kids who just couldn't handle being so quiet and waiting).
It was great.  And it was different for both Jeremy and me.  He got to see his first osprey and I got to see black-necked stilts for the first time this year.
It was also neat to go with other people who have more experience birding.  We learned a few things and the very next day Jeremy put in to practice what someone suggested and he was able to find a black-crowned night heron which he'd been wanting to see.
Another thing about dates is food.  Now, we didn't have food on our date birding, but tonight for Family Home Evening treat, Jeremy tried his hand at making fried ice cream.  Yum.
It turned out well and it was yummy.  Some of us even had caramel syrup on ours.  It's definitely something we'll have again sometime.

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