Saturday, September 5, 2015

Be Late For Something Day

When I posted on Facebook that September 5 is Be Late For Something Day, one of my cousins warned me not to be late for the baptism.  One of the Wyoming cousins was getting baptized this morning, so the kids and I headed over there to support him.  Good job, cousin.
We were later than I wanted to be getting out the door, but we were not late for the baptism.  After the baptism, we got some nice family time with cousins and my aunt and uncle.  We had cake to celebrate my uncle's birthday early, not late, but the baptism boy did get to open up some belated birthday presents since he didn't have his grandparents and aunts and uncles there on his birthday.
And of course my kids again had fun playing with friends.
I didn't get a blog post up yesterday (I wasn't feeling the best) so I'll be late doing that.  Let me tell you about yesterday.
It was Eat an Extra Dessert Day but we just had brownies because I wasn't feeling up to making something else later in the day.
It was also crazy hair day at school.  Ha Ha Ha.  I took the clippers to Jr.'s hair, but only part of his hair.  He wanted a plus on his head.  I planned to cut the rest of it after school but since I wasn't feeling so well, I told him I'd fix it in the morning.
So I was late with that, even though I got him up early this morning because I wasn't going to take him to the baptism with his hair like that.
This is what happens when you wake a little guy up for a haircut early in the morning.  Practically sleeping in the chair.  Poor little guy.
It was a good day, though.

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