Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall Fish

We went for a drive to see the fall colors this afternoon.  The trees are starting to turn colors.  We'll hopefully go out to see more when there are more colors.
However, we did see a lot of red- red is a fall color, right?
We drove up near Strawberry Reservoir to see the kokanee salmon swimming upriver to their spawning sights.  Normally a silver-colored fish, when it's their time they turn red and even change shape.  They get a sort of humpback and their jaw changes shape.  Amazing.
Jeremy and I have been talking about heading over there for a couple years (it usually happens around the month of September), but we had our opportunity to actually go today.
The kids had a blast.  We watched some swim in the stream then headed over to the Strawberry fish trap to see the kokanees that swam up the fish ladders.  That was fun.  There was much cheering when the salmon made it up and much laughing when some got swept back down.  Poor salmon but great for our entertainment.
Jeremy also got some video and more pictures with the camcorder, but it was a long day and I don't feel like going through those pictures and videos right now.  Maybe later.
It was a good family afternoon/evening.

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