Monday, September 21, 2015

Family Home Evening- Monkey Kingdom

One thing we love doing as a family is watching the DisneyNature movies and having themed food to go with them.  We've even made nests out of blankets while watching one about chimpanzees.
For Family Home Evening tonight we watched DisneyNature's Monkey Kingdom.  We had some leftover boxes from all the balloons we were ordering this Summer so Jeremy put some on PVC frames and added some balloon vines to make ruins because the monkeys in the movie lived around ruins.  Yes, my husband is awesome.
It was good family time.  We also ate salad with nuts and seeds and fruit and some other toppings while we watched the movie.  We had gummy worms for dessert and Family Home Evening treat.
Traditions are great.  As long as DisneyNature keeps coming out with these movies that we can enjoy as a family, we will keep having themed family nights like this to celebrate.
We even got pictures acting like monkeys.  We have fun.
Happy happy family time.

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