Saturday, September 19, 2015

We be speaking Pirate here!!!!

This here post is being inked by the old salty sea dog himself, lucky husband to the 'Balloon Gal.'

As we all be knowin' today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. A more grog swallow'n excuse for merriment never existed, and we will not be taking exception when it comes to grog swallow'n (root grog only of course).

There be one flag that flies on our mast on September 19th and she be a jolly one indeed. We did begin the day by spreading the word among the land lubbers at Thanksgiving Point. All those we could convince to take up the cause and shout their 'Arrrrs' did receive a sword and a hearty laugh.

My fearsome piratey woman did dress especially fine and there be many who did wish to be having their portrait done with her.

We will be carrying the celebrations into tomorrow when we battle once again with the wee ones for control of the ship- the Maroon Potato (It be made from our couch mostly). The cannon is built and ready to fire. But that is tomorrow, for today we be even more tired than the ocean herself after a gut punching storm. Enough lollygagging, it is time to hit the hammocks!

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