Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let the Breaking of Spring Begin

Spring Break!
Before it started, I got to go with Jr. on his field trip to the Living Planet Aquarium.  It was fun.
There were enough parents that signed up to chaperone that I was paired with another mom and we were in charge of only two kids- hers and mine.  She and I got along really well and our boys got along really well so it was an enjoyable field trip.
Jr.'s favorite thing to see at the aquarium was "the eel and its friend."  There was a moray eel just chilling at one part and another fish right next to it.  The boys got a kick out of it.

After school, the kids and I went to play at a park.

That night the kids had a slumber party and got to sleep in the living room with their sleeping bags.
Late at night, Jr. Jr. decided he didn't want a slumber party and didn't want anyone else sleeping out in the living room either, even though Nichole and Jr. were already asleep.  Sigh.
Before Nichole and Jr. went to sleep, we got to watch a movie and eat fish sticks and vanilla pudding because April 3 is Fish Fingers and Custard Day.

It's also General Conference weekend and the kids did such a good job during the first two sessions.  A couple of them had their noses in books, but there wasn't a lot of fighting, and Jeremy and I were able to listen to a lot.  Thanks, kids.  Actually, Nichole and Jr. both made comments about some of the talks so they were listening to some of it.
I wonder if the kids' behavior was better because they didn't have the "reverence tent" out to distract them from being reverent this time.

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  1. On the way to the park, some of my discussion with the kids reminded me of a couple Doctor Who episodes, so I told them about those episodes since it was Fish Fingers and Custard Day.