Friday, May 13, 2016

Nature and Me

Before Screen Free Week, I hadn't been posting much.  I do a lot of things.  I just am tired at the end of the day, I don't want to do a blog post.  Then I get behind and think, well I can't post about such and such because I haven't blogged about this yet.
Oh, well.  Sometimes I just won't catch up.  So I'll show you a bit about what I had been doing.
Besides cleaning and making food and reading books (sometimes when I should be cleaning or making food), I've been enjoying nature.  In different ways I've been enjoying nature.
See?  This is me enjoying nature.
Jeremy and I have been taking turns in the mornings going out for walks before the kids go to school.  When we don't have a big balloon build or homework to check or urgent cleaning to do that is.
It's so nice to be out in nature around sunrise when it's quiet and the world isn't awake yet.  I love to hear the sounds of the birds when they're not drowned out by so many cars driving by.  It is very relaxing.
Some of the birds have returned to Utah County after being away for the Winter.
Swallows are back.  Ospreys are back.

Hummingbirds are back and some other birds that are new for us.
Western Kingbird

Again, I love nature so much.  It gives me such a good feeling to be among Heavenly Father's creations.  And there are so many places to go to see His creations.  So many places to go walking, so many places to go birding.  I love it.

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