Friday, May 20, 2016

Action Packed Days

The last few days have been action packed.  Besides our dinner on Wednesday, we also went to a retirement party for Jr.'s 1st grade teacher- Dr. Seuss themed since she loves Dr. Seuss.

Thursday, the little boys did a good job helping me with shopping so we went out to a park.  There was enough of a breeze there that we were able to fly kites.  Yippee!  Those boys had a blast.
That evening we celebrated National Be a Millionaire Day (May 19).  Jeremy and I explained to the kids about Scrooge McDuck and his number one dime.  Then we gave each of the kids their own shiny dime (and a penny to pay tithing). 
We also had a nice thunder and lightning storm.  At one point I found the kids all watching the lightning through the window in their room... and Jeremy watching the lightning through the window in another room.

Today and tomorrow at Thanksgiving Point is the annual Baby Animal Birthday Party at Farm Country so we took the kids after school to see the baby animals and eat birthday cake and go on a tractor ride.
Their new baby horse is so cute.  It was fun to see it prancing around the other horse.  "Hey!  Give me attention.  Hey!  I wanna play."

When we got home, we put on My Fair Lady to celebrate the 20th of May which is Eliza Doolittle Day.  We also ate chocolate of course.

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