Monday, May 16, 2016

Kite Day Observed

May 12 is Kite Day.  We couldn't celebrate it on that day this year since we went to Nichole's wax museum that night.
We've been wanting to fly kites at the beach ever since we went there on a somewhat windy evening during Screen Free Week.  There were a couple of young ladies there with kites and we talked about doing that for Kite Day, except we couldn't do it on the actual holiday.
So we were finally able to celebrate Kite Day (Observed) today.  Hooray!
And... there was no wind.  Sigh.  So the kids did a lot of running to get their kites in the air.  We still had fun, though, and stayed out way too late and I'm so tired writing this blog post so I need to make it short and put some pictures on here so I can go to bed because in the morning I've got to deal with kids who didn't get enough sleep so I need to make sure I'm rested enough to deal with it.  Sigh.
O.K.  Pictures of Kite Day Observed:
We were smart this time and wore aquasocks so it wasn't as big a deal when some of the kids got their feet in the water.
By the time we were done, though, we were so worn out.
It was a great family evening.      

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