Thursday, May 12, 2016

Girls' Night

Tonight was a girls' night.  First of all in the evening, we went to see the "wax museum" at the elementary school.  The fifth graders picked a famous person, did research about them, and wrote a report or paragraph about them.  At the wax museum, the kids dressed up as the person and sat still like a statue (or wax figure) until someone pushed a "button" near them.  Then they came to life and told about themselves.  Once they were finished, they became still again. 
Wow.  Those kids did such a great job.  Nichole (my girl) did a good job, too.  She was Christa McAuliffe.  She was going to be the first teacher in space, but she was on the Challenger shuttle when it exploded back in 1986.
After we got the kids home, I got to take off for a girls' night at a friend's house.  There were four of us that got together.  We had treats and just talked.  It was so easy to chat with those gals.  It was a well needed time with those women.  Thanks, gals.

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